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Rymarz Zdort and Maruta Wachta Come Together To Form Rymarz Zdort Maruta

Rymarz Zdort and Maruta Wachta Come Together To Form Rymarz Zdort Maruta

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Rymarz Zdort and Maruta Wachta have announced they will merge into Rymarz Zdort Maruta.

According to the firms, the merger under an "equal partnership model" will take place at the beginning of 2023 with the offices of Rymarz Zdort set to act as the headquarters of the new firm.

At the time of the announcement, the Rymarz Zdort team included Managing Partners Pawel Rymarz and Pawel Zdort and Partners Karina Aust-Niewiadomska, Ewa Bober, Marek Durski, Piotr Fedorowicz, Zsofia Frydrychowicz, Lukasz Gasinski, Iwona Her, Monika Kierepa, Robert Krasnodebski, Filip Lesniak, Marek Maciag, Magdalena Pyzik-Walag, Jakub Rachwol, Krzystof Sajchta, Leszek Tokarski, Jakub Zagrajek, Jacek Zawadzki, Anna Zorya, and Lukasz Zak.

The Maruta Wachta team included Managing Partners Marcin Maruta and Bartholomew Wachta and Partners Damian Gudel, Slawomir Kowalski, Michal Kulesza, Malgorzata Kurowska, Zbigniew Okon, Michal Pekala, Bartosz Romanowski, Marcin Serafin, Paul Tobiczyk, and Maciej Zackiewicz.

"I am very enthusiastic about the cooperation between our teams, whose competence, enthusiasm, and energy guarantee the success of our joint venture," commented Rymarz Zdort Managing Partner Pawel Rymarz. "I am confident that the clients of both companies will benefit from this merger." 

"This is a strategic move for us," added Maruta Wachta Managing Partner Marcin Maruta. "By merging with Rymarz Zdort, we have the opportunity to gain new competencies and significantly strengthen our team."

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