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Former UiPath Head of Legal Automation Vasile Tiple Launches GoodLegal

Former UiPath Head of Legal Automation Vasile Tiple Launches GoodLegal

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Former Head of Legal Automation at UiPath Vasile Tiple has launched Goodlegal – a company aiming to "make legal easy, accessible, and actionable to anyone through freely available technology."

Tiple, was the first in-house counsel and served as the General Counsel of UiPath. He swapped roles internally in 2020 to become the Head of Legal Automation and launch a new business line at UiPath (as reported by CEE In-House Matters on July 8, 2020). He started his legal career as a legal adviser with Transparency International Romania in 2010. In June 2012, he joined Fashion Days Shopping, then took on the role of Senior Legal Specialist with Adobe in October of the same year. He assumed the first permanent in-house legal role with UiPath in 2016 to ultimately become the General Counsel of the company

"Everyone should have the right to freely access minimum legal technology features and industry-standard content for pursuing legitimate business outcomes," Tiple commented. "This is how meaningful change will happen in society with the help of legal technology and professionals. We want to provide a real Legal Infrastructure Platform to any company or law firm which would ensure their access day one to all the existing technical benefits. A lot of companies and law firms are still struggling with how to efficiently digitize their work and operations to be competitive and innovative and what we are doing is to give them the possibility to hit the ground running in terms of using technology for legal use with one platform. Our goal is to offer a free version to give anyone the possibility to benefit from the latest technology (with community collaboration and support) but also a commercial one to address more complex and high volume work and also sustain the free version. The company is now in beta testing and if you are interested to become a part of Goodlegal community and provide feedback on what the product should focus on you can subscribe to substack and join the Goodlegal Platform beta."

You can read an interview with Tiple as "The General Counsel That is Building Robots for Arbitration and Beyond" here.

Originally reported by CEE In-House Matters.

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