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The "Let's Say It's an Orthodox Christmas Gift" Issue of CEELM is Out Now!

The "Let's Say It's an Orthodox Christmas Gift" Issue of CEELM is Out Now!

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Here it is! The January 2020 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine, specially-delayed in honor of all of our friends celebrating Orthodox Christmas!

Because make no mistake, the appearance of this issue a week later than normal is absolutely purposeful, and has nothing to do with Santa being extra generous to us this year, bringing not only presents, guests, cookies, but also a nasty flu. Perish the thought!

The fact that subscribers to the CEE Legal Matters magazine can access the electronic issue here, now, and not a week ago, is 100% strategic, and certainly has nothing to do with us being laid up for the past week, sick, sniffling, and begging for the sweet, sweet release of death. That much is clear.

Either way, though — whether subscribers accept our impeachable representations of higher planning or find themselves unable to resist their more cynical impulses to question our sincerity in this manner — they will find, in this issue:

  • Guest Editorial: Miriam Simsa of Schoenherr
  • Across the Wire: Deals and Cases in CEE 
  • On the Move: New Firms and Practices 
  • The Buzz in CEE 
  • Talking Tax: Interview with Balazs Kantor of LKT
  • Practice Under Pressure: How the Legal Profession in Bosnia & Herzegovina Experienced the Bosnian War
  • Market Spotlight: Poland
  • Guest Editorial: Karolina Stawowska of Wolf Theiss
  • Article: "Law & Justice" in Poland: How Are Investors Responding to the Continued Success of the Right-Wing Law & Justice Party?
  • Inside Insight: Interview with Anna Wawrzynczak of the Polish Development Fund
  • Inside Out: Grupa Lotos Refinancing
  • Market Spotlight: Russia 
  • Guest Editorial: Alexander Zharskiy of Alrud
  • Russia Reacts to International Sanctions
  • Inside Insight: Interview with Anastasiya Shkarina of Unilever
  • Experts Review: Shipping/Transportation
  • The Confident Counsel: The Secret to Killer Presentations

The publication of the January 2020 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine means that the special November 2019 issue focusing on South Africa has been moved from behind the paywall and made available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike (here in e-reader format and here in pdf). As a reminder, that issue includes:

To reward yourself for your own continued good health, register for a subscription to the CEE Legal Matters magazine today!

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