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Slovakia Offers Energy Subsidies for the First Three Quarters of This Year!

Slovakia Offers Energy Subsidies for the First Three Quarters of This Year!

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Detailed information on subsidies.

What's coming up:

1. Subsidies for the second and third quarters of 2023

The Ministry of Economy will continue to provide compensation for increased electricity and gas prices in the second and third quarters of the year. With effect from 23 May 2023, the Ministry extended the eligible period for the provision of subsidies until September 2023. Entrepreneurs will thus be able to apply for subsidies for energy consumed from January 2023 to September 2023, for each month separately. Following this change, the deadline for applications has also been extended. Subsidies for these months will be available for application until the end of November 2023. This will ensure continued financial support for the first three quarters of this year.

Under this subsidy scheme, the Ministry compensates entrepreneurs for the costs of high energy prices by means of a direct subsidy of 80 % of the eligible costs, i.e.
the difference between the price actually paid for gas and/or electricity and the set maximum limits of EUR 99/MWh (gas) and EUR 199/MWh (electricity). This is the net price of the commodity excluding distribution and network charges.

The application is submitted from the applicant's electronic mailbox to the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, one month in arrears. The maximum amount
of the subsidy is EUR 200 000 per month. Conditions to be fulfilled for the grant:

  • The applicant must have established its own off take point and assigned an ID number.
  • If the amount requested exceeds EUR 100 000, the application must identify the ultimate beneficial owners.
  • Eligible applicants are economic operators, i.e. providers of goods and/or services, regardless of their legal form, method of financing and size, with the exception of credit and financial institutions. Distressed companies are also eligible.
  • An eligible applicant is not a business that does not have an established off-take point during the eligible period and does not have a unique billing EIC and/or POD code that appears directly on the invoice.
  • An eligible applicant is only an end-user of energy and is not an entity that has consumed energy for the purposes of electricity and heat production during the eligible period.
  • The subsidy is granted retrospectively, based on the submission of an invoice for the energy consumed.
  • If the amount requested exceeds EUR 100 000, the applicant must be entered in the register of public sector partners.

What remains in force:

1. Support for small consumers of regulated electricity and gas

Small businesses with an annual consumption of up to 30,000 kW of electricity
or 100,000 kW of gas are guaranteed a price for part of the regulated energy supply, with fixed ceilings of EUR 99/MWh (gas) and EUR 199/MWh (electricity) for the whole year 2023, according to Government Regulation No.19/2023 Coll.

2. Guaranteed energy prices for households

 The maximum electricity price for households remains at 67.3 EUR/MWh. In the case
of gas, the price will be increased by a maximum of 15 % compared to 2022.

By Bernhard Hager, Managing Partner, and Annamaria Tothova, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland

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