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An economic crisis is definitely upon us. Factors such as inflation, reduced availability of raw materials and skyrocketing material prices and costs triggered by, among other things, the armed conflict in Ukraine and sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation, are having a direct impact on performance of contracts and their profitability. Among those hardest hit in these circumstances are parties to public procurement contracts.

The draft regulation of the Minister of Health on medical device advertising (the Draft) provides for further restrictions and requirements on advertising to the public. The Draft is intended to be a clarification of the technical requirements for advertising medical devices that have been introduced at the statutory level in the Polish Medical Devices Act of 7 April 2022 (the MDA).

The year 2022 will not be remembered fondly in the cryptocurrency market. The progressive decline in the value of coins, the problems of the FTX exchange and the collapse of trust are all raising questions about the future of crypto. Can regulating the crypto-asset market be a panacea for the market’s ills?

The Polish Medical Devices Act of 7 April 2022 (the MDA) imposes certain restrictions on the medical device advertising that is addressed to the general public. Such advertising activities must not be misleading (Article 7 of the MDR or the IVDR, and Article 55(3) of the MDA), but also must not:

Marszalek & Partnerzy has advised Dom Development on its PLN 90 million sale of a property to an institutional investor in the private rental sector as well as the conclusion of a contract to build four residential buildings worth PLN 200.4 million.

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