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Gide Advises Tauron on PLN 2.8 Billion Financing from EIB

Gide Advises Tauron on PLN 2.8 Billion Financing from EIB

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Gide Loyrette Nouel has advised Poland's Tauron on obtaining a PLN 2.8 billion loan from the European Investment Bank (EIB).

According to Gide, the full amount raised in the financing process will be used to cover capital expenditure on power distribution grids in the southern and southwestern parts of the country.

The Tauron Group specializes in the distribution and supply of electricity and heat as well as the generation of electricity and hard coal mining. The company supplies approximately 52 terawatt-hours of electricity to over 5.6 million customers in Poland.

"This is the largest ever EIB corporate financing granted in Poland for purposes other than transport infrastructure," noted the firm. "It is also the largest EIB financing ever obtained by Tauron, and one of the largest financings granted by the bank to a Polish company."

The Gide team included Counsel Michal Smiechowski and Associate Przemyslaw Kopka.

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