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Gessel Advises R22 and H88 on Sellintegro Investment

Gessel Advises R22 and H88 on Sellintegro Investment

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Gessel has advised R22 S.A. and H88 S.A. on their investment in Sellintegro sp.z o.o.

The R22 Group is a technology group offering support services to businesses. The group's portfolio includes mainly hosting services and sale of domains, SSL certificates and online stores, multi-channel SMS, mobile and e-mail communication services, marketing automation, and telecommunications services. H88 is an R22 subsidiary. 

According to Gessel, Sellintegro specializes in “the automation and mass integration of management and accounting systems with e-commerce platforms.”

Gessel’s team included Partner Karol Sokol, Senior Associates Michal Osowski, Przemyslaw Przybyl, and Agnieszka Nowacka, and Associates Dominik Kaszuba, Karolina Sobola, and Jedrzej Besztak.

Gessel did not reply to our inquiry on the matter.

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