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CMS Advises PFR Ventures on PE Funds Investment

CMS Advises PFR Ventures on PE Funds Investment

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CMS has advised PFR Ventures on its investment in private equity funds British Apax Partners, French PAI Partners, and Poland-based Avallon MBO. The total value of the investment, which also included another, unnamed, company, is PLN 340 million.

According to CMS, PFR Ventures acts as a public investor, allocating resources in venture capital funds and private equity funds, which in turn provide capital to companies at various stages of development. The PFR PE program has been in place since 2020 and is aimed at accelerating the development of the private equity market in Poland.

Apax Partners is an international private equity fund with European roots, which is behind the growth of companies such as Swiss Orange, Atos, and Losberger. PAI Partners, in turn, traces its history back to the early days of Paribas Bank, from which it spun off. The Polish fund, Avallon MBO, specializes in management buyouts and its portfolio includes Velvet Care, GoodFood, and Organic Farma Zdrowia.

CMS’s team included Poland-based Partners Blazej Zagorski and Lukasz Dynysiuk, Counsel Marek Trzos-Rastawiecki, Senior Associate Rafal Dostatni, and Associate Michl Sowinski and Luxembourg-based Partners Benjamin Bada and Frederic Feyten.

CMS could not provide further information on the deal.

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