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Noerr Exits Russia with Local Team to Continue as Arno Legal

Noerr Exits Russia with Local Team to Continue as Arno Legal

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Noerr has announced at, as of January 19, its Russian office will be running independently as Arno Legal, working in cooperation with Noerr.

According to the Noerr, Stefan Weber, Viktor Gerbutov, Vyacheslav Khayryuzov, Olga Mokhonko, and Maxim Vladimirov will stay with the new firm, adding that Arno Legal will “work closely with Noerr going forward. Little will change for Noerr’s clients.”

“The close cooperation with Noerr guarantees seamless continuation of client work,” said Bjorn Paulsen, Noerr Partner responsible for the Moscow office since 2011. “The new partners of Arno Legal have all worked for Noerr in Moscow for over ten years, are well integrated into the cross-border teams, and have extensive experience with major projects in Russia and the CIS countries,” added Stefan Weber, head of Noerr’s Moscow office to date.

According to Noerr, “Bjorn Paulsen will now head up the firm’s new Russia Desk from Hamburg and Berlin and ensure smooth collaboration with the new cooperation partner.”

“In Russia, we concluded that due to the altered market conditions, a cooperation makes the most sense going forward,” added Co-Managing Partner Torsten Fett. “The continuation of the office by the former Noerr team will still guarantee a high standard of service and quality.”

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