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Know Your Lawyer: Iva Miskovic of Miskovic & Miskovic

Know Your Lawyer: Iva Miskovic of Miskovic & Miskovic

Issue 10.12
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An in-depth look at Iva Miskovic of Miskovic & Miskovic covering her career path, education, and top projects as a lawyer as well as a few insights about her as a manager at work and as a person outside the office.


  • Miskovic & Miskovic Law Firm; Partner; 2018-present

  • Law office Iva Miskovic; Owner; 2010-2018

  • Dlacic & Partners; Legal Associate; 2006-2009


  • University of Zagreb; Faculty of Law; Graduate Jurist (dipl.iur.); 2006


  • Out of office activity: Learning Italian and creative writing but, most of the time, just being a mom

  • Quote: “Whatever you do, don’t congratulate yourself too much, or berate yourself either. Your choices are half-chance. So are everybody else’s.” – Mary Schmich

  • Book: My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante

  • Movie: In the last decade, I’ve become more fascinated by TV series. To start, Breaking Bad – an all-time classic. I’d add the disturbing dystopia of The Handmaid’s Tale and Billions for the exciting world of high finance, power, and legal battles.

Top 5 Projects:

  • Advising on the joint venture process of Porsche Digital Croatia d.o.o. of Infinum d.o.o.  and Porsche Digital GmbH.

  • Advising Erste&Steiermarkische Bank d.d., Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., and Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d. as joint lead managers in the bond issuance process by INA – INDUSTRIJA NAFTE d.d. in total amount of approximately EUR 265 million.

  • Advising Erste&Steiermarkische Bank d.d., Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., and Zagrebacka banka d.d. as joint lead managers in the first issue of SLB bonds with municipal risk in the CEE region ever by the issuer Zagrebacki holding d.o.o. in total amount of EUR 305 million.

  • Advising Erste&Steiermarkische Bank d.d., OTP banka d.d., Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d., and Zagrebacka banka d.d. as joint lead managers and acting as transactional legal advisor in the process of issuing the first ever Retail bond issued by the Republic of Croatia in the total amount of EUR 1.85 billion.

  • Advising a club of six Croatian banks (Erste&Steiermarkische Bank d.d., Nova Hrvatska banka d.d., OTP Banka d.d., Privredna banka Zagreb d.d., Raiffeisenbank Austria d.d., and Zagrebacka banka d.d.) as lenders (and Zagrebacka banka d.d. as agent and coordinator) in the EUR 240 million loan facility to Zagrebacki Holding d.o.o.

CEELM: What would you say was the most challenging project you ever worked on and why?

Miskovic: Acting as transactional legal advisor in the first-ever Retail bond issued by the Republic of Croatia was our team’s most demanding project to date. The groundbreaking nature of this first-of-its-kind endeavor introduced an additional layer of legal complexity further heightened by substantial public and institutional interest. We had to navigate a complex regulatory landscape, address a wide array of legal aspects, manage high levels of public and institutional interest, coordinate a two-stage offering, and meet stringent timelines. The genuine assessment of the viability of the entire legal framework became evident as questions arising in the field following the project’s initiation were successfully and smoothly addressed during the seamless progression of this successful project.

CEELM: And what was your main takeaway from it?

Miskovic: Being involved in a project with such significant public interest, I’ve experienced firsthand how unforeseen challenges can emerge from public reactions, inquiries, or regulatory responses influenced by media and public perception, introducing a layer of complexity. In navigating this dynamic landscape, flexibility in legal approaches becomes paramount when managing public expectations and potential reputational risks.

CEELM: What is one thing clients likely don’t know about you?

Miskovic: They might not know that being a lawyer was never my dream. I envisioned myself as a judge or a university professor, but I’m glad that life led me to where I am today.

CEELM: Name one mentor who played a big role in your career and how they impacted you.

Miskovic: Navigating a professional partnership with my spouse demands a delicate balance, and publicly labeling him as my mentor would disrupt the equilibrium we’ve successfully maintained for five years now. Nevertheless, the fact remains that his inspiring role in my career is undeniable.Pavo’s corporate background has given me valuable insights that I wasn’t privy to during my solo entrepreneurship before the establishment of our law firm. Moreover, his inclination to “dream big” has nudged me away from my natural cautiousness.

CEELM: Name one mentee you are particularly proud of.

Miskovic: Though I am genuinely proud of every member of our team, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight our lawyer, Maja Seat, who will become a Partner in our law firm at the beginning of next year. Maja has been with us for the last three years, during which she has refined her legal skills and, just as important, embraced a strong sense of professional ethics in line with our highest standards. This step is a recognition of Maja’s dedicated work and significant legal experience but also a clear indicator that the future of our company is being developed with people and around people. We are all excited about this new chapter in the history of our firm, which we view with great optimism.

CEELM: What is the one piece of advice you’d give yourself fresh out of law school?

Miskovic: I was in such a rush to complete law school that I overlooked the opportunity to fully enjoy my college years. I wish somebody told me earlier that it’s better to spend an extra year as a student than to add an extra year to your retirement.

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