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New Law Firm Alliance in the Balkans

New Law Firm Alliance in the Balkans

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Bojanovic & Partners, in Serbia, has announced the October 1, 2016 launch of a new alliance of nine leading independent law firms across the Balkans.  

The new Adriala – Alliance of Balkan Legal Experts consists of the following firms:  

  • Baros Law Office, Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 
  • Baros & Bicakcic Law Office, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina; 
  • Bojanovic & Partners Law Office, Belgrade, Serbia;   
  • Law Firm Kavcic, Rogl in Bracun, Ljubljana, Slovenia;  
  • Law Firm Knezovic & Associates, Skopje, Republic of Macedonia; 
  • Law Firm Madirazza & Partners, Zagreb, Croatia;  
  • Prelevic Law Firm, Podgorica, Montenegro; 
  • Spasov & Bratanov Lawyers’ Partnership, Sofia, Bulgaria; and
  • Tashko Pustina – Attorneys at Law, Tirana, Albania.   

According to Vladimir Bojanovic, the Managing Partner of Bojanovic & Partners, Adriala is "one of very few existing alliances that cover the former Yugoslavia, plus Albania and Bulgaria." He explains that "the cooperation is established with the aim to be responsive and capable of handling international projects which have touch-points in multiple markets. It is established only with the purpose to be reactive and responsive in handling this specific type of project, while ensuring the quality of legal assistance." 

Bojanovic insists that the alliance not be confused with a partnership or "conglomerate law firm," noting that "we did not create a legal entity," and that "we remain local independent lawyers who advise only under the local laws where we are qualified." Instead, he repeats, "this is a simple cooperation of independent premium law firms and law offices from these jurisdictions, and each firm will keep its own integrity and individuality – this very quality after all makes us who we are, and we believe that this is just an added value."

Although the official launch of the alliance will take place with some fanfare sometime in the next month, its members signed the formal Cooperation Agreement last week and began operating under its terms on October 1st.