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Sorainen Advises on Establishment of Iron Wolf Capital Fund

Sorainen Advises on Establishment of Iron Wolf Capital Fund

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Sorainen has advised on structuring and incorporating the Iron Wolf Capital Fund, a limited partnership in Lithuania. The expected size of the fund is over EUR 25 million.

According to Sorainen, the fund will focus on investments in high-growth potential early-stage small and medium enterprises engaged in, or planning to be engaged, in research and development and in innovation activities in what Sorainen calls "Smart Specialization priority sectors."

Sorainen assisted the fund’s management team throughout the whole process of launching operations in Lithuania, from the first application in a fund managers’ selection competition, organized by INVEGA in co-operation with the EBRD, through the structuring and closing of the fund. The EBRD also acted as a key investor.

The Sorainen team was led by Partner Mantas Petkevicius and included Partner Saule Dagilyte and Associates Egle Mazetytė and Ieva Krivickaite.