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Legal changes abound in Kosovo with contested advocacy laws and ongoing judicial reform, says Hodaj & Partners Managing Partner Taulant Hodaj, who highlights that despite challenges, favorable tax laws and investor-friendly policies persist in attracting businesses.

Taking a deep dive into the most interesting recent developments in Kosovo, Vokshi & Lata Partner Florin Lata discusses a projected 4% GDP growth for the year, significant legal reforms across several sectors, as well as key business and economic drivers for the small Balkan market.

The ever-growing real estate market in Kosovo shows no signs of stopping. Even amid high prices, demand for real estate keeps growing. This demand is largely driven by Kosovo’s diaspora living in the EU and other Western countries. It is also fueled by foreign nationals and foreign companies who find properties in Pristina and other major cities in Kosovo attractive as investments.

In Kosovo, there has been a diverse blooming of local and international companies. In the daily transactions of these companies, financial institutions continue to act as a catalyst that affects industries’ development. However, as opposed to these companies, financial institutions in Kosovo are regulated exclusively by the Law on Banks and the Law on Insurances. One important aspect of these laws is the procedures for the establishment, recovery, and liquidation of financial institutions in Kosovo, where an active role is foreseen for the Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo (CBK) as a regulatory body in issuing guidelines and also approvals in cases of restructuring and voluntary dissolution of the financial institutions.

Delving into the impacts of the EU's recent visa liberalization for Kosovo citizens and the country's ambitious strides towards legal and sustainable energy reforms, Deloitte Legal Senior Legal Manager Ardian Rexha shares his insights on the easing of travel restrictions, pioneering steps in renewable energy, and the overhaul of the tax administration system.

Gecic Law, working with the Brussels office of Clifford Chance, has successfully represented the interests of the Arena Channels group regarding a broadcasting dispute in Kosovo. Deloitte Legal reportedly advised Arena Channels as well.

On November 21, 2023, corporate/M&A and private equity experts from Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkiye, and Ukraine sat down for a virtual round table moderated by CEE Legal Matters Managing Editor Radu Cotarcea to discuss the key developments in the field over the past decade.

Kerveshi & Partners Managing Partner Kujtim Kerveshi talks about the evolution of the practice and their role as legal advisors in Kosovo over the last 10 years

The recent establishment and practice of its Commercial Court – along with other legal developments and the government's push on energy – signify a shift towards impartiality, transparency, and investor-friendly policies in Kosovo, according to Sejdiu & Qerkini Managing Partner Korab Sejdiu.

On May 13, 2022, the Assembly of Kosovo passed Law No. 08/L-056 on Protection of Competition, replacing the previous law that had been in effect since October 2010. The new law aims to align the legal framework with EU rules and enhance the efficiency of the Kosovo Competition Authority (KCA). In the context of mergers, acquisitions, and other forms of concentration, the KCA aims to scrutinize concentration filings to assess potential threats to competition in the Kosovo market.

Kosovo has recently adopted a new law to regulate the pricing of medicinal products (Law on Pricing of Medicinal Products). This marks the first time that Kosovo has taken steps to regulate the pricing of medicinal products, and it is a significant milestone in an upcoming major reform within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector. The reform also includes new laws on medicinal products and medical devices, health insurance, and related areas.

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