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The CEELMDirect Profile Pick: An Interview with Katarina Mihalikova of Majernik & Mihalikova

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CEELMDirect Profile Pick: A series of interviews with partners and firms with profiles on the new CEELMDirect online legal directory. Today’s interview: Katarina Mihalikova, Co-Founding Partner at Majernik & Mihalikova in Slovakia.

CEELMDirect: Can you tell us a bit about Majernik & Mihalikova? When was the firm established, how big is it, and what do you and your colleagues specialize in?

Katarina: Majernik & Mihalikova is a boutique law firm based in Bratislava. It dates back to 2005, and has been operating under the current brand since 2011. It is a middle-sized law firm, with 15 fee earners and staff members. We advise clients on M&A, venture capital and technology deals, IP/IT, real estate development, energy and insurance  assignments, labor, law and general corporate and commercial matters.

CEELMDirect: Is there anything new happening with the firm in 2022 you can share with us? Any new initiatives, developments, or significant changes you’re excited about?

Katarina: We have been active in the start-up community for over 14 years  through various means – mentoring, lecturing, financial support, pro bono work, legislatives initiative, and the drafting of template documents for innovateslovakia.sk. This year we aim to foster our commitment by engaging, in cooperation with other start-up community stakeholders and leaders,  in various structural initiatives in the knowledge economy.

CEELMDirect: Why did M&M decide to claim and fully populate its profile on the CEELMDirect website?

Katarina: We perceive CEE Legal Matters as a successful project devoted to a region that fully deserves attention and its very own specialized platform. CEELMDirect is a natural next step, hence we have populated the profile as soon as the occasion arose.  

CEELMDirect: Was there anything about how CEELMDirect profiles are structured and set up that you see as particularly valuable? 

Katarina: The directory is well structured, intuitive, with all features one would reasonably expect. Its recognition amongst CEE-based law firms is a pre-condition of its success and we should realize that it has got potential to become an excellent marketing tool.

Thank you, Katarina. I hope the rest of the year is successful, enjoyable, and profitable for you and your colleagues.

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