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Changes in Competence of City Notaries in Construction Matters

Changes in Competence of City Notaries in Construction Matters


On 12 November 2019 Gergely Gulyás, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office proposed an omnibus law in order to further streamline and expedite the operation of the metropolitan and county governmental offices. These offices serve, in many cases, as an authority of second instance where, at first instance, the city notary was the competent authority, so the Hungarian administrative system has shared competences in this respect.

One of the most important administrative matter handled by city notaries at first instance is construction matters, where the city notary has the right to issue a building permit. The proposed law would change the procedure of obtaining such permit in a way that the competent authority would be the metropolitan or county governmental office at first instance. The offices should enter into a contract about the details with the relevant mayors until 31 January 2020. 

If the Hungarian Parliament passes the omnibus law, local municipalities in construction matters will only have the right to issue the local building regulations, in which the city can describe the desired appearance and building style for the new buildings to be built. Experts argue that this modification would fit the long-term plans of the Hungarian Government relating to the construction issues by giving more competence to more relevant and centralized authorities.

By Gabriella Galik, Partner, KCG Partners Law Firm

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