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Paul Varul Receives Estonia's Guardian of Law Award

Paul Varul Receives Estonia's Guardian of Law Award

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TGS Baltic Senior Partner Paul Varul has received Estonia's Guardian of Law award for his contribution to the development of the rule of law in the country as professor and practitioner.

In addition to Varul, both Saale Laos, Justice of the Supreme Court, and Indrek Niklus, Head of the Private Law Department of the Ministry of Justice, received the award.

Varul was Estonia's Minister of Justice from 1995 to 1999 when the Estonian legal system was built up. According to a TGS Baltic press release, "he also contributed to the emergence of Estonian scientific legal literature, instructed lawyers for several generations, and been a consistent advocate of the Estonian legal system in the world."

Candidates for the Guardian of Law award could be nominated by all individuals and organizations, including non-governmental organizations, state and local governments, and private companies. The proposals were reviewed and selected by the Commission consisting of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the President of the Bar Association, the President of the Lawyers Association, the Chairman of the Chamber of Notaries, the Director of the Law Faculty of the University of Tartu, the Chancellor of Justice, the Prosecutor General, and the Chairman of the Legislative Council of the Minister of Justice.

Image Source: maaleht.delfi.ee


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