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CEE Legal Matters Magazine's 2019 Editorial Calendar is Here

CEE Legal Matters Magazine's 2019 Editorial Calendar is Here

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By now, our regular readers know that each issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine has a special "Market Spotlight" section on a particular CEE jurisdiction, and each contains an "Experts Review" feature, presenting articles from one firm in each jurisdiction on a specific (and rotating) subject. So potential contributors to the CEE Legal Matters magazine wanting to plan their contributions can celebrate: The 2019 Editorial Calendar is out today!

And there are a few elements of next year's calendar worth particular attention. For instance, while  each regular issue of the magazine this year only had one Market Spotlight focus, issues next year will have two, doubling the opportunities for contribution and coverage. And whereas in past years Experts Review has focused on particular practice areas, in 2019 the feature will focus on particular industries. Finally, whereas in 2018 our Special Foreign Focus issue was dedicated to China, the 2019 Foreign Focus will fall on South Africa.

  • February: Special Issue: 2019 Kick-Off
  • March: Market Spotlight on Turkey and Bulgaria —  Experts Review: Automotive/Manufacturing
  • April: Special Issue: Corporate Counsel Handbook
  • May: Market Spotlight on Hungary and Slovenia — Experts Review: Energy
  • June: Market Spotlight on Romania and Moldova — Experts Review: Agriculture
  • July: Market Spotlight on Austria and Albania — Experts Review: Pharma/Life Science
  • August: Special Issue: GC Summit and Deal of the Year Awards
  • September: Market Spotlight on Ukraine and Greece — Experts Review: TMT
  • October: Market Spotlight on Czech Republic and Slovakia — Experts Review: Banking
  • November: Special Issue: South Africa 
  • December: Market Spotlight on the Balkans — Experts Review: Real Estate
  • January: Market Spotlight on Poland and Russia — Experts Review: Logistics/Transportation/Shipping

Readers who want specific information about opportunities to contribute to 2019 issues of the CEE Legal Matters magazine can find it, and additional information about our readership, website visitors, and much more, on the 2019 CEE Legal Matters Rate Card, also released today and available here. Check it out.

Finally, if you would like to join the many thousands of lawyers across Central and Eastern Europe who receive and eagerly devour each issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine, information about subscribing can be found here

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