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Oh Sirius, June Issue Available to All!

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The Dog Days of Summer, as the Greeks called this time of year, associating the extremely hot weather with Sirius — the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major (Large Dog), and the brightest star in the night sky. The Romans went so far as to sacrifice a red dog in April to appease the rage of Sirius, out of a belief that the star was the cause of the hot, sultry weather.

But that’s foolish, and modern types, like us, know better. We believe in science, not superstition.

So we know that Sirius’s rage is sated not by a Red Dog … but by the news that all the content from the June 2014 issue of CEE Legal Matters magazine — the one with the big gorilla in a suit on the cover — is now moved from behind the paywall! Sirius, and other non-subscribers can now enjoy the articles, opinions, interviews, and other fascinating features that those brave and ambitious individuals who have invested in the advantage of the two-month head start have already read, assimilated, and acted upon. 

Let’s review, shall we, Sirius? The Guest Editorial in the June issue is an essay about the unpredictability of CEE practice by Schoenherr Partner Marcus Piuk. The Across the Wire feature includes the popular Summary of Deals and Cases and Summary of Partner Moves that subscribers generally turn to first. Articles in The Frame – as always, informative, entertaining, and enlightening – include “Roots in Revolution” – an article about the American law firm that ties its presence in Poland to the 1980s Solidarity movement – and Part II of the special “Glass CEEling” report on female partnership opportunities in Central and Eastern Europe. Other Frame articles include “Moving In, Moving On”, a profile of two lawyers in Turkey adapting to non-legal Country Manager positions, “Behind the Deal”, a conversation with the lawyer responsible for engineering LEGO's new plant in Hungary, and a special CEE Legal Matter Round-Table conversation on the future of international law firms in CEE. 

The Market Spotlight in the June issue fell on Russia, with a Guest Editorial from Sergei Voitishkin, the Managing Partner of Baker & McKenzie, and “Bad for Business” – a conversation with Managing Partners at international law firms in Russia about the effect Western sanctions are having on their business. The Market Spotlight also contains in-depth conversations with Heads of Legal for Russia at Danfoss, ABB, PPF Life Insurance, Lukoil, and Groupon, as well as the Expat on the Market interview with Doran Doeh, a Partner and Russia expert at Dentons in Moscow.

The subject of the Experts Review feature is Privatization/PPP, with experts from  top ranked law firms in the field from across CEE providing analysis and perspective on the state of affairs in their markets. Finally, the popular Top Sites feature focuses on law firm websites in Hungary and Russia.

So we say: Oh Great Sirius, please hear our plea: Lessen the extreme heat you inflict upon us, and be informed, educated, entertained, and pleased by the news that the June issue is now available to you!

And … we hope everyone else will do the same. 


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