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A Christmas Reminder (in Verse)

A Christmas Reminder (in Verse)

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When thinking seasons, this is far from the worst, so accept our best wishes, this year in verse!

It's Christmas, a season of gluhwein and snow

and a chance for us to ensure that you know

that good presents come throughout all the year

so drop your head close and lend us an ear

The time is now right to submit all your deals

for tables and awards, bringing banquets and meals

'Cause time's running out and deadlines are looming 

and the chance to show that your business is booming

is almost full finished, concluded, expired,

so really, we stress, no matter how tired

you are, we encourage you please

to put down the wine, put down the cheese

and summon the energy, beckon the spirit

and if you have news, to make sure we hear it

For no one else praises, no one else flatters

the region's best lawyers like CEE Legal Matters

Oh one last note, before we let you all flee:

Merry Christmas to all, our friends CEE


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