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Big Changes for 2017 at CEE Legal Matters

Big Changes for 2017 at CEE Legal Matters

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As a controversial 2016 draws to a close, we want to take the opportunity to alert our readers and subscribers to some of our plans for 2017, and to some of the unique opportunities those readers and subscribers may want to take advantage of in the new year.

First, the subscriber-only CEE Legal Matters magazine will switch from a bi-monthly to a monthly publication, meaning subscribers will receive twice as many issues of the leading publication for and about lawyers and the legal industry in Central and Eastern Europe. (The price of subscriptions will rise accordingly as of January 1, 2017, so if you want to take advantage of the 2016 price, best to contact us soon).

Our editorial calendar for the magazine in 2017 is as follows:

  • January: Special Start-of-the-Year Issue
  • February: Market Spotlight on Hungary, Experts Review focus on Data Protection
  • March: Market Spotlight on Serbia, Experts Review focus on Compliance
  • April: Special Issue: 2017 Corporate Counsel Handbook
  • May: Market Spotlight on the Czech Republic, Experts Review focus on Patents/IP
  • June: Market Spotlight on Poland, Experts Review focus on Labor/Employment
  • July: Special Issue: The 2017 GC Summit
  • August: Market Spotlight on The Baltics and Belarus, Experts Review focus on Dispute Resolution
  • September: Market Spotlight on Ukraine, Experts Review focus on Anti-Corruption
  • October: Special Issue: Law Firm Partnership
  • November: Market Spotlight on Romania, Experts Review focus on Tax
  • December: Market Spotlight on Turkey, Experts Review on Corporate/Commercial

As always, firms interested in contributing Experts Review articles or Market Snapshots (a series of articles on various industries/sectors/practice areas in the Market Spotlight jurisdiction) are encouraged to contact us for more information.

Those familiar with the new CEE Legal Matters website are already aware of its many new platforms, functions, and sources of information. Those newer to the site are encouraged to explore the new Briefings section (featuring legal analysis from prominent law firms and lawyers across CEE), visit the Law Firm Directory, which lists all news and stories by firm, click on the banners of Thought Leaders and Knowledge Partners on the top of the homepage, and otherwise become familiar with our ever-growing offering of news, analysis, and opinion on the legal markets of Central and Eastern Europe. You can explore back issues of the CEE Legal Matters magazine here too!

Let's move now from the CEE Legal Matters magazine and website to events. The third annual GC Summit has been scheduled for June 1-2 in Warsaw. Following the successes of the first two GC Summits — in Budapest (2015) and in Istanbul (2016) — we're particularly excited to bring this preeminent gathering of senior in-house counsel from across CEE to the Polish capital this year. More information about the GC Summit will be coming soon, both here on the CEE Legal Matters website, in the CEE Legal Matters magazine, and via direct contact. As always, to keep the focus on the General Counsel for whom the event is designed, the only way representatives from law firms can attend is to sponsor the event. Firms interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities should contact us immediately, as available premium slots are already dwindling. 

Excitingly, in October 2017 CEE Legal Matters will be hosting its first ever country-specific conference, in dynamic Budapest. Specific dates and details to follow, but sponsorship opportunities — again extended on a first-come/first-served basis — are already available, and inquiries are welcome.

Finally, our annual end-of-year Expert Summit will convene in December 2017 in Prague. A select gathering of our closest friends, Knowledge Partners, and other prominent advisors and experts on the CEE legal industry will be gathering for our annual dinner, Round Table conversation about expectations for the following year, and general revelry. The Expert Summit is, as always, summarized and transformed into the core of the Special Start-of-the-Year issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine. Inquiries welcome, of course. 

The editors of CEE Legal Matters — David and Radu — pride ourselves on producing a personal, open, transparent, engaged, and positive source of information for the lawyers and legal markets of CEE. And we welcome any and all questions, inquiries, suggestions, comments, and (constructive) criticisms ... as well as any tips or hints about developments of significance in the region we cover. And we would like to thank you, our readers, website visitors, subscribers, sponsors, advertisers, contributors, and everyone else who has helped make our publication an ever-growing success. We hope you will stay involved, and help us serve you even better, in 2017 and beyond.

A few days in advance, then, from us at CEE Legal Matters:

Happy New Year, CEE!

David & Radu