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New and Improved CEE Legal Matters Website

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Why thank you – we feel different! We’re proud to announce the launch of the brand new, improved, and expanded CEE Legal Matters website and portal.

This new site represents dozens of intense late-night conversations about the ideal form, features, and functionality, and hundreds of hours spent in its creation. We’re confident the new site constitutes the best possible reflection of our commitment to reporting on significant developments in the legal marketplaces of Central and Eastern Europe and on the work of lawyers and law firms in the region, and to providing a forum for those lawyers and law firms to promote themselves to interested parties around the world.

Despite the many hours and long nights that went into its creation, it’s still a work in process – as Radu says, “this is our beta launch” – and various platforms and functionalities will come on line over the next few days and weeks. And until it is fully functional, if there’s something from the old site you need to find, you can access it here. But we simply couldn’t wait any longer to push the button, activate the site, and share our good news.

So come on in, look around, get the feel of the place, and make yourself at home. Settle yourselves right in. But if you need to step away for a minute we don’t mind. We’re confident, with all the new site has to offer, you’ll be back, often.

Oh, and stay tuned. More exciting CEE Legal Matters announcements will follow soon.

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