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Finally, the Numbers Are In. Not Letting Summer Go (For a Bit), CEE Legal Matters September Issue Is Out!

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As autumn has arrived, we can confirm that we have been slightly FALLing behind. It is true that in the world of publishing, timing can be everything. But even more so, if there is a touch of dramatic flair as a result of a slight not-worth-to-be-mentioned one-month delay. So, if you have ever found yourself curious about the broader statistical landscape of legal professionals in the CEE region – the size of the legal market and its level of saturation, gender breakdown among legal practitioners, etc. – we proudly announce that our belated 2023 CEE by the Numbers special issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine is now published, and stay tuned for the upcoming release of our October issue this week!

Subscribers will be receiving their hard copies soon and, because it is a special edition of the magazine, the electronic version of the issue is also publicly available online here in e-reader format and here in pdf format.

The data-driven biennial CEE by the Numbers report compiles and presents information regarding over 1,100 law firms of CEE. This marks our fourth edition, with the inaugural report released in April 2014 as part of our special Glass CEEling issue, followed by the second, third, and fourth editions as standalone reports in 2017, 2019, and 2021. Similar to the previous issues, this report not only provides details about the size and gender distribution within the top law firms in the region but also offers readers the ability to monitor and measure the changes (be it growth or decline) in these figures over past years.

With the September 2023 issue of the magazine now out, let’s remember our July edition that has now been moved from behind the paywall and been made available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike (here in e-reader format and here in pdf). July featured Market Spotlights on Serbia and Greece and an Experts Review section on Competition in CEE – as well as extra content online:

Stay abreast of the latest developments and legal news, across CEE. Don’t miss any of the upcoming issues: register for a subscription to the CEE Legal Matters magazine now!

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