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Yes, You May. New CEE Legal Matters Issue Now Out!

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With a couple of events under our belts – Istanbul was great, by the way – we celebrated the month of May through hard work and forged on to bring you a new installment of our magazine: the CEE Legal Matters May 2023 issue is out now!

Subscribers should be receiving their hard copies in a week or two, but no need to wait for the mail to arrive: the online version of the magazine is already available here. With Market Spotlights on Romania and Moldova and an Experts Review section on Banking/Finance, our May issue includes:

  • Guest Editorial by Hugh Owen of PwC Legal: What I Love About the CEE Region
  • Across the Wire: Deals and Cases
  • On the Move: New Homes and Friends
  • The Buzz
  • The Debrief: May 2023
  • Tech Sector Focus: The Growing Impact of the ESG-Driven Data Race
  • CEELM Top 10: Most-Read Briefings
  • The Corner Office: The Next Booming Practice
  • Market Spotlight: Romania
    • Activity Overview: Romania
    • Spin-Off City No More
    • PE-ering Into Romania
    • Market Snapshot: Romania
      • A Bird’s-Eye View on the State of Arbitration in Romania
      • Construction Works that Can Be Carried Out Without a Building Permit Under Draft Urbanism Code
      • Assessing Romania’s Oil and Gas Market: Current Progress and Legislative Changes
      • The Year of “Green” Ratios
      • Key Enforcement Trends and Top Priorities of the Romanian Competition Council
      • Defying Uncertainty – The Romanian M&A Market in 2023
      • Reinforcement of Social Dialogue on the Radar in Romania Again
      • The Right To Fly the Romanian Flag
      • Restructuring in Romania – Will This Time Be Different?
    • Know Your Lawyer: Cristina Filip of Filip & Company
  • Market Spotlight: Moldova
    • Activity Overview: Moldova
    • The War Around the Corner: Challenging Moldova’s Economy
    • Moldova’s Long Way Home
    • Market Snapshot: Moldova
      • Moldova Builds Interconnections To Provide for Genuine Competition in Its Energy Markets
      • Moldovan Data Protection Law Follows Footsteps of GDPR
      • Proposed Amendments to the Moldovan Renewable Energy Legal Framework
    • Know Your Lawyer: Roger Gladei of Gladei & Partners
  • Experts Review: Banking/Finance in CEE
    • Turkiye: Digital Banking – The Intangible Frontier?
    • Slovenia: Are ESG Financings and Alternative Sources of Lending the Answer to Increasing Borrowing Costs and Strict Banking Rules?
    • Croatia: Resilience Facing the Banking Crisis – The EU Credit Institution Recovery and Resolution Framework’s Role
    • Austria: New Investment Firm Act – The End of Mixing Apples and Oranges?
    • Ukraine: Banking and Financial Services Industry Developments
    • Bulgaria: Financing Alternatives Beyond Traditional Bank Funding
    • North Macedonia: Conversion of Third-Party Loans into Share Capital Contributions in Trade Companies
    • Romania: Cross-Border Financial Services and Reverse Solicitation
    • Serbia: Financial and Banking Market Overview
    • Czech Republic: Upcoming New Administrative Obligations for Payment Service Providers
    • Hungary: Financing for Agriculture
    • Latvia: At the Forefront in Provision of European Crowdfunding Services
    • Bosnia And Herzegovina: Investing in B&H from the Banking & Finance Perspective
    • Lithuania: The Creditor’s Guide to Security Instruments
    • Kosovo: The Banking and Finance Legal Framework and the Way Ahead
    • Montenegro: English Law Breakthrough in Financing
    • Moldova: Would You Fancy Acquiring a Qualifying Holding in a Bank? The Moldovan IPO Experience

With the May 2023 issue of the magazine now out, let’s remember what early spring looked like this year: our March issue kicked off our 10-year Anniversary celebrations and has now been moved from behind the paywall and been made available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike (here in e-reader format and here in pdf). March featured Market Spotlights on Austria and Slovenia and an Experts Review section on Renewable Energy – as well as extra content online:

Intrigued? There’s a new issue out every month. Stay abreast of the latest developments and legal news, across CEE. Don’t miss any of the upcoming issues: register for a subscription to the CEE Legal Matters magazine now!