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After a Two-Year Hiatus, the Sixth Edition of the CEE Legal Matters Corporate Counsel Handbook Is Out Now!

After a Two-Year Hiatus, the Sixth Edition of the CEE Legal Matters Corporate Counsel Handbook Is Out Now!

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We’re back with a new edition of the CEE Legal Matters Corporate Counsel Handbook, a special issue focusing on the management style, challenges, best practices, and war stories of our in-house readers. Whether you work in-house, and want to pick up a thing or two from your peers, or you’re with a law firm, and want to pick the brains of potential clients, the 2022 CEE Legal Matters Corporate Counsel Handbook has got you covered!

So, click away and find out what makes GCs across CEE tick. Subscribers should be receiving their hard copies in a week or two, and the electronic version is already publicly available online here in e-reader format and here in pdf. Aggregating qualitative input from 306 GCs across 22 jurisdictions, the new issue includes sections on managing the in-house team, the budget, dealing with challenges, risks, and compliance, choosing and working with external counsel, and more: 

  • Guest Editorial by Stathis Mihos of Pfizer: Principle-Based Advice for the In-House Legal Team
  • Across the Wire: Deals and Cases
  • On the Move: New Homes and Friends
  • The Buzz
  • Managing the In-House Team
    • Managing the In-House Team: Team Sizes
    • Managing the In-House Team: Team Size Evolution
    • Managing the In-House Team: Keeping the Team Engaged
  • Managing the Budget
    • Managing the Budget: It’s Simply the Norm
    • Managing the Budget: If We Must
  • Risks and Compliance
    • Risks and Compliance: At the Top of the Agenda
    • ESG: A New Road To Cover
    • Risks and Compliance: Tackling Compliance Risks Head On
    • Risks and Compliance: Nurturing a Culture of Compliance
  • Working With External Counsel
    • Working With External Counsel: Do You Outsource More?
    • Working With External Counsel: When Do You Outsource?
    • Working With External Counsel: How Do You Pick Your Advisor?
    • Working With External Counsel: Do You Pick the Firm or the Lawyer?
  • Reflecting On the Deal 5 Interviews
    • Out Shopping: GCs on Picking a New Law Firm
    • Old Faithful: GCs on Returning To the Same Legal Advisor
    • 3D Chess: GCs on the Challenge of Multitasking

With the October issue now out, the August 2022 issue of CEE Legal Matters should have been moved from behind the paywall. Yet the August magazine was the CEE Legal Matters ESG Special Issue. And because we thought everyone could use an ESG primer, it has always been available online to subscribers and non-subscribers alike (here in e-reader format and here in pdf). As a reminder, the ESG Special Issue included:

Both the ESG special issue and the brand-new Corporate Counsel Handbook are publicly available from the date of publishing. But our regular CEE Legal Matters monthly magazine issues are only available to subscribers for the first two months. Don’t miss out on any of our coverage, fresh off the presses, across CEE: register for a subscription to the CEE Legal Matters magazine now!