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Twenty days until the CEE Legal Matters magazine hits the market.Twenty days for us to finish the interviews, write the final paragraphs on the stories, complete the articles and editorials, and prepare the features that will, together, form the first issue. Our writers, editors, and contributors are warming to the task, the long days of writing getting longer, the batteries on our laptops recharged more often, caffeine becoming more critical. Twenty days. We know it. And we'll meet it. We're committed to introducing our first issue in style, and to producing an issue that will be useful, interesting, engaging, and relevant. We have twenty days to make that happen.

We hope you're looking forward to it too. And remember, the approaching deadline doesn't only matter to us. It matters to you as well. The discounted early-bird subscription and advertising offers available on the CEE Legal Matters website will expire on February 17, when the first issue is published. And remember, only subscribers to the magazine will get access to it online, and to additional premium content as well. Don't wait. Don't postpone. And definitely don't forget.

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