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Editorial Note: #StandWithUkraine

Editorial Note: #StandWithUkraine

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The entire CEELM team has been following the war in Ukraine unfold with a deep sense of powerless concern. At such a trying time for all our readers, partners, and friends in Ukraine we at CEELM wish to extend our deepest wishes for their safety and the safety of their loved ones. We still hope this unnecessary conflict comes to a swift and peaceful conclusion.

As a legal trade journal, we doubt we have the ear of those who might bring the status quo to anything resembling normality, but maybe we have the ear of some who do have it. As such:

  • CEELM is placing under indefinite embargo any coverage coming out of, or related to, Russia and Belarus.
  • We will also not be awarding a Deal of the Year award for Russia and Belarus this year.

In parallel, a #StandWithUkraine section was created on our platform where, unlike any other coverage by CEELM, all open calls for support will be shared unedited with hyperlinks to resources left in. We will only remove marketing-speak qualifiers and announcements of donations made – this is a platform for open calls and critical announcements during a time of crisis, not an opportunity for marketing visibility.

We love our work. And we love covering the work that you do. We enjoy reporting the minutiae of transactions, getting lost in the intricacies of the law, and celebrating your wins. And we look forward to a time when such matters can again take center stage and be discussed at leisure.

We truly hope for a rapid return to normal, to business-as-usual, to knowing that all those we exchange emails with oh-so frequently, all those we occasionally speak to or meet with online, and all those we have the rare privilege of meeting in person are safe. And safely back to work, knowing their loved ones are safe as well.