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Articles 13 and 14, along with other provisions of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (the GDPR), require businesses to provide individuals with comprehensive information about the processing of their personal data.

On April 24, 2024, the European Parliament adopted a resolution for a directive aimed at improving working conditions on platforms. This is a significant step towards addressing the needs of platform workers, such as 'Bolt' and 'Wolt' couriers, throughout the European Union.

Estonian law firm Lextal, Latvian law firm RER Lextal, and Lithuanian law firm ILAW Lextal have unveiled their new name and identity: Widen, "a Baltic law firm that sees itself as the Legal Jazz Company."

Finnish Hameenlinna Administrative Court made a historic resolution on 22.02.2024, in which it found that Wolt couriers are entrepreneurs, not employees. The question of whether platform employees are independent entrepreneurs or salaried employees is also relevant in Estonia. If and how can the resolution of the Finnish court affect how the activities of couriers would be qualified according to Estonian law?

Lithuania is looking at a hectic year, with three scheduled elections: presidential, parliamentary, and EU parliamentary, according to Ilaw Lextal Partner Lina Siksniute-Vaitiekuniene, while also celebrating the 20-year Anniversary of its entry into the EU and NATO.

In The Corner Office, we ask Managing Partners at law firms across Central and Eastern Europe about their backgrounds, strategies, and responsibilities. With 2023 marching to an end, we looked ahead and asked about strategies for next year: As the budgeting period is around the corner, compared to 2023, what are the main budgeting lines you expect to increase for 2024 and why?

Lextal has advised Estonian metaverse avatar platform company Ready Player Me on signing partnership agreements with the Warner Music Group, the Universal Music Group's Bravado, Rovio’s Angry Birds, McLaren Racing, and the operator of ITV’s The Voice, among others, allowing users to buy new virtual items for their avatars.

In today’s fast-evolving world, countries are continuously revising their labor laws to achieve the right balance between the needs of the workforce and the demands of the corporate sector. The Republic of Lithuania stands out in this regard, as its Labor Code seeks to provide flexibility in labor relations, all the while ensuring the rights of its employees are not undermined. A close examination of the Labor Code, local documentation practices, and the progressive legal shifts toward Western norms paints a comprehensive picture of the nation’s approach to employment dynamics.

Sending marketing emails is an excellent way to increase sales. Those who don’t make sales don’t do business. However, a question arises as to whether this complies with strict data protection rules. It is known that the Data Protection Inspectorate is increasingly vigilant and imposes hefty fines for violations.

Most people clearly understand the need for insurance when renting or owning real estate. However, a common problem is knowing what to consider when insuring and what to look for or remember regarding insurance policy conditions when it has been signed and damage occurs. I’ll highlight five essential nuances often overlooked by companies and individuals when insuring their rented or personal real estate, drawing from my more than 25 years of experience in insurance law.

More than two years ago, in April 2021, the European Commission presented its long-awaited proposal to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in Europe. AI is a rapidly developing group of technologies. Today, there is little doubt that these technologies have the potential to bring (and are already bringing) enormous economic and societal benefits across a wide range of industries and social activities. However, in the absence of legal regulation, these technologies can also be abused, with particularly severe consequences for both individuals and society.

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WIDEN is a full-service Baltic law firm of 100+ legal professionals with offices in all Baltic capitals dedicated to providing you with first-class experience by optimising your company's time, effort and financial investments into legal solutions. To put it simply, we specialise in delivering a peace of mind in a fast, client-friendly and more enjoyable way.

The Legal Jazz Company has the meaning of focusing on two values. First, mastery in the craft of law – forward-thinking expertise. Second, mastery in the arts of teamwork and listening to the client – to give the client the best possible client experience.

WIDEN offers legal services in more than 40 practices and sectors.

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