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Keco Legal has advised Getmobil on its TRY 27 million seed funding round with a valuation of TRY 180 million. Urer Law advised the investors on the deal. Gungor Law reportedly advised Getmobil as well.

Under the Turkish Commercial Code, a commercial enterprise is defined as an enterprise, operating continuously and independently, aiming to generate income which exceeds the income thresholds stipulated for tradesman (“esnaf” in Turkish) enterprises.

Pursuant to Article 1524 of the Turkish Commercial Code (“TCC”) which was enacted in 2012, companies that are subject to independent audit are required to not only set up a website, which then will be registered to the trade registry and announced in the trade registry gazette, but also allocate a certain tab of their website for the necessary announcements required by law, within three months following the registry and announcement of their incorporation. Accordingly, Regulation on the Websites to be Established by Stock Corporations (“Regulation”) was enacted in 2013, to stipulate the principles and procedures regarding the website requirement.

In today's digital landscape, where all sorts of data can be recorded and removing such is incredibly hard due to rapid and wide information sharing Ii is important that certain records cease to be accessible, especially after a period of time, so that the individual can pursue his/her life freely. In this context, requests to remove the results of searches using a person's first and last name from search engines such as Google have become quite widespread. This article on the right to be forgotten, which forms the basis of these requests, will discuss the ways in which these and similar requests can be made, the criteria according to which applications are/or should be evaluated, and the limits of the right to be forgotten.

The Regulation on the Amendment ("Amendment Regulation") of the Regulation on Unlicensed Electricity Production in Electricity Market ("Regulation") and the decision of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority numbered 11098 ("Decision") have been published in the Official Gazette dated 11.08.2022 and numbered 31920.

The Environmental Impact Assessment Regulation ["Regulation"], repealing the previous regulation dated 2014,  entered into force upon its publication in the Official Gazette no. 31907 dated 29 July 2022. The new Regulation introduces significant updates within the framework of the "Green Development Goals".

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