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Welcome to the New Regulation on Consumer Arbitration Committees

Welcome to the New Regulation on Consumer Arbitration Committees

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Consumer Arbitration Committees’ Regulation (the "Regulation") was published in the Official Gazette dated 21.09.2022 and numbered 31960.

What Does the Regulation Bring?
The current Regulation on Consumer Arbitration Committees is going to be abolished and substituted by the Regulation that will enter into force on 01.10.2022.

By the Regulation, application and appeal methods for consumers are expanded, and the resolution period thereto has been shortened in order to settle consumer complaints in a short time.

What is Regulated in the Regulation?

  • Monetary limits for applications set between the provincial and district consumer arbitration committees are abolished.
  • Monetary upper limit for applying to consumer arbitration committees is raised to TRY 30.000,00.
  • Some consumers may now apply to the district governorships.
  • In case of deficient or inconsistent content in applications, an additional 7 (seven) days’ period will be granted for completion and/or correction of the application process, as of 01.01.2023.
  • The resolution period could now be extended for a maximum period of 3 (three) months.
  • E-notification of the decision of the committee is introduced and a notification period of 15 (fifteen) business days is set for.
  • Parties may request the completion of the decision in the event that there is no decision regarding a demand made within the first application, as of 01.01.2023.
  • The right to appeal a decision of the consumer arbitration committee before consumer court is expanded.
  • Transactions of consumer arbitration committees are carried out online through the Consumer Information System. Applications to the consumer arbitration committee can be made through the Consumer Information System through the e-devlet portal by uploading the necessary documents to the system.

By Dilek Akdas Kokenek, Partner and Burak Bati, Associate, Moral, Kinikoglu, Pamukkale, Kokenek

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