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Construction workers have been for decades sent by their Serbian employers to carry out construction works or related services in Germany, on a temporary basis, as intra-group postings or through contracts of works/services.

All citizens of a legal and democratically governed state should have the opportunity to enjoy free education, health, police and judicial protection, clean streets and much more that is perceived as "free of charge". However, in order for such a social system to function properly and efficiently, one of the basic constitutional principles of public finances must be realized, and that is to properly honour and respect the obligation to pay taxes.

In January 2020, the Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition (“Commission”) initiated investigations against Imlek and Apatinska Pivara which are two leading national dairy and beer producers, and against a number of retailers, including Metro Cash & Carry and Veropoulos, for allegedly employing resale price maintenance (“RPM”) agreements to restrict intra-brand competition.

Pursuant to the Law on Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing ("Official Gazette of RS", No. 113/2017 and 91/2019), the National Bank of Serbia shall keep a Unified Register of Payment Service Users for Remittances (hereinafter: the Register). The National Bank of Serbia started keeping this Register from June 1, 2020.

ICT system operators of special importance, i.e. companies operating within the activities specified in the Law on Information Security, are obliged to establish and maintain an adequate ICT system, as well as to review the compliance of applied protection measures with the Law on Information Security, and to make a report on the matter.

On 15 March 2020, the Government of the Republic of Serbia declared a state of emergency due to the pandemic of the infectious disease COVID - 2019, which resulted in the closure of borders and a ban on movement.

In light of the announced ending of the state of emergency in Serbia, businesses must check and ensure their compliance with data protection regulation which has been fully applicable, even in these exceptional times.

The outbreak of COVID-19 virus pandemic, which led to worldwide measures that temporally suspended or reduced most civil and economic rights and privileges, has insofar resulted in severe obstruction of functioning of the global markets, including Serbian economy, leaving some of the industrial branches completely paralyzed.

In the commercial sector, due to corona crisis impact and amid nationwide state of emergency, we are receiving the following questions with reference to a transaction between two commercial entities. In our answers, we have not, however, considered any distinctions which might be necessary if the transaction involved consumers. Nevertheless, distinctions between the treatment of transactions which are principally for the sale of goods and those which are principally for provision of services have been taken into account.

Every day we are hearing news from all around the world about coronavirus and countries are in lockdown situation with no economic activity. Magazine Economist predicts we could see a drop in GDP of 5% and a loss of a quarter of the global GDP forecast for 2020.

After the declaration of the state of emergency in Serbia, caused by the global outbreak of the coronavirus, businesses introduced and implemented a series of extraordinary requirements, conditions and measures, some of which significantly affect and challenge the continuation of the traditional concept of employment relationship.

When it comes to performance of contractual obligations, the basic postulate of the Serbian general contract rules is that such obligations must be duly executed – conscientiously, in the manner predicted by the contractual provisions, and timely – within a deadline stipulated by the contract.

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