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Wise 3 Joins Slovakia's Legal Market

Wise 3 Joins Slovakia's Legal Market

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The Wise 3 law firm — consisting of 20 fee-earners, led by four founding partners coming together from three other firms — has opened its doors for business in Bratislava.

The firm, which claims to offer "a wide range of legal services — in particular in the ... pharmaceutical, information technologies, and financial services industries,"  is led by former Beatow Partners Partners Branislav Brocko and Michal Delincak, former Nechala & Co. Partner Pavel Nechala, and former Krion Partners Partner Michal Ridzon.

“Our priority is to use rich experience and profound knowledge," commented Pavel Nechala, on the firm's website. "We want to provide our clients with the highest comfort and security possible in all fields of our expertise. We build connection on mutual understanding, strong values, and modern technologies.”

“We are like good cuvée wine," added Michal Ridzon. "We are composed of several parts. These parts form an overall taste, harmony, and quality all together. We build on mutual understanding and shared values at Wise 3. This allows us to decide quickly and [correctly] without unnecessary diversions.”

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