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Marketing Law Firm Marketing: The Best Professional Development Event

Marketing Law Firm Marketing: The Best Professional Development Event

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The number of trainings and other professional development events for law firm marketing experts is growing, keeping pace with the ever-growing demands of the role itself. Accordingly, the question we asked our law firm Marketing and BD and Communication experts around CEE for this issue is: What was the single best professional development event you’ve been to related to your law firm marketing role, and what made it so effective/valuable? 

Amanda Lowe, PR & Communication Manager Europe, Dentons

I’m the type of person who learns best on the job, so at a fast-paced firm like Dentons, I feel like I’m learning something new every day.  But if I were to pick one single event that has boosted my professional development, it would be our recent global partner meeting in Toronto.  Getting together with more than 1,400 Dentons partners from around the world was a truly awe-inspiring experience. Being in a European role, I work closely with colleagues across the continent, but rarely in person. Having that “face time” always makes future collaboration a little easier. It was also great to meet our new colleagues who recently joined and find out what they do and who they work with. Finally, hearing about our global strategy provided me with a great framework for positioning and communicating our strategy here in Europe.

Victoria Yesaulenko, Marketing Director, Asters Law Firm 

In my humble opinion the most interesting and really useful event for the legal marketers on the Ukrainian legal market was and is the International Forum

for the promotion of legal services that Yuridicheskaya Praktika Publishing House organizes in Kyiv every December, this year for the fifth time. This Forum gathers almost in equal quantities both the best marketers and the elite of legal practitioners of the legal market.

The event is very special, because it is the only forum that provides legal marketers the opportunity to speak up about our concerns and troubles, delivering the message not only to their own partners, but to many of the leading lawyers in Ukraine. 

On the other hand, partners also can voice their hopes and expectations for their marketing professionals. As the speakers YP selects for the Forum are the best on the market, all the messages are well-received, and, as far as I know, well-implemented. 

Biliana Tzvetkova, Business Development and Marketing Manager, Djingov, Gouginski, Kyutchukov & Velichkov

Creating, influencing, and sustaining the intangible brand that makes DGKV so special and unique is an everyday delight. With this regard, the best professional development event that I’ve attended recently is a Digital Marketing & SEO Course put on by the Software University in Sofia in 2015,

which helped me better understand how to choose, create, and maintain the right infrastructure for our firm’s online presence. The current Internet-based competition is a fairly new concept that overturns entire industries and nowadays the biggest visibility and lead generation techniques lie beyond traditional marketing activities, in an integrated online presence. Digital marketing is the only tool that provides real-time metrics of marketing and business development success – tracking performance, progress, reach, engagement, and lead generation. Thus, by advancing online opportunities and authentically connecting with potential clients, DGKV now maintains one of the few websites and social media profiles of Bulgarian law firms with up-to-date and lead generating content. Giving the brand the presence it deserves!

Erik Uszkiewicz, PR & Marketing Manager, Schoenherr

One of the most instructive and best events I’ve been involved was an annual Employment Law Conference on April 21, 2016 that was organized by JogiForum, a prestigious Hungarian legal publisher. Daniel Gera, an attorney from Schoenherr’s Budapest office, contributed by holding a presentation on workplace privacy and employee monitoring …. It was exciting because this conference gave us the opportunity to meet practitioners, and to discuss the practical problems arising from the legal changes mostly in connection with the new GDPR and provided us an amazing insight from our standing and potential clients’ perspective. The event was promoted by Schoenherr internally and externally and covered by some media outlets as well.

Jovana Draskovic, Marketing Manager, Bojovic Partners

Generally, what helped me the most to become skilled as a Marketing Manager is my first working experience in the FMCG sector – with the frozen food company Frikom. I started as a marketing assistant and progressed to brand manager. This company is an example of how marketing should be done, from product, through price and place, to, at the end, promotion.

I believe that the only way to completely understand and learn things is while you are actually doing them. There is no such conference or training that can teach you better than a real work. This is my experience.

Gina-Maria Tondolo, Legal Marketing Specialist & Founder of tondolo.communications

As a matter of fact there really aren’t a lot of conferences for legal marketing professionals. Actually: Really nothing. For our profession, we need a good understanding of how the legal business works and where the industry as such is heading to. Therefore, in my experience I would say that any place where marketing professionals and partners from firms who are actively involved in the firms’ marketing activities, meet, are the best places for exchange. So, any opportunity really. That ranges from smaller internal meet-ups to broader law firm conferences. I recently attended a Legal Tech conference in Berlin. Marketing wasn’t really on the agenda but most attendees there were highly aware and interested in the subject. In these places, you will meet with the law firm innovators and out-of-the box thinkers who want to take their firm to the next level. And of course, there are many levels and many fields of improvement, smart technologies being one of them. In my opinion, legal marketing is now at a point where we must connect the dots smartly and use the intelligence from all our internal data with smart tools and data processing. Only then can we gain a competitive advantage, be it in a pitch, a beauty contest, or simply our market visibility.

This Article was originally published in Issue 4.8 of the CEE Legal Matters Magazine. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the magazine, you can subscribe here.

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