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Noerr was lead counsel to Union Tank Eckstein in relation to its acquisition of 51% of the shares of Polish company Timex Card, a franchisee and distributor of UTA service cards for car fleets issued by Union Tank Eckstein. Ellex advised UTA on Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian matters, Nobles advised UTA on Ukrainian law, and Stelios Americanos advised it on Cypriot law issues. The sellers depended on their in-house counsel, Agnieszka Slowiak.

On January 1, 2018, a new taxation act will enter into force in Estonia – the Entrepreneurial Income Simplified Taxation Act (hereinafter the “Act”). From an IT point of view, the Act will create a new and innovative automatic mechanism for natural persons in the calculation and payment of taxes. The main concept of the Act is that natural persons can set up an entrepreneurial income bank account, where the taxation amount is calculated automatically and transferred to the Tax Authority without the natural person having to physically make or authorize any transfers. However, use of this new account may be limited in practice.