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The King is Dead, Long Live the King: Levin Law Alliance Appears in the Baltics

The King is Dead, Long Live the King: Levin Law Alliance Appears in the Baltics

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The Riga and Vilnius members of the former Derling alliance in the Baltics ⎯ Kronbergs Cukste and Dominas, respectively ⎯ have replaced the former Estonian member of the alliance, the Derling law firm, with Glikman Alvin, and have rebranded as the Levin Law alliance, which they describe as "a new force in the Baltics using the combined strength of established firms."

According to a Levin press release, its members' "proven track record ranges ranges from the privatization of state-owned companies, significant M&A deals, high-profile arbitration cases, financial transactions and international sales, through to everyday corporate legal services. As full-service firms, members of the Levin Law alliance are perfectly positioned to meet the entire spectrum of clients’ legal needs.

Valters Kronbergs, Managing Partner at the newly-renamed Kronbergs Cukste Levin in Riga, said that the three firms are already well-acquainted, and claimed that the new alliance makes for a powerful resource for pan-Baltic clients, especially in the fields of M&A, corporate legal services, and litigation.

Paul Keres, Partner at Glikman Alvin Levin, said that this development significantly expands the pan-Baltic capacity of all three firms, making Levin Law an attractive partner for businesses operating in all three Baltic markets or expanding across the region.

Gediminas Dominas, Managing Partner at Dominas Levin in Vilnius, said that the new alliance builds on all firms’ existing strengths and adds depth in many areas, including energy and utilities, Fintech and GDPR compliance. Dominas also emphasized the alliance's increased international commercial arbitration capacity.

Editor's Note: After this article was published CEE Legal Matters reported that Estonia's Derling law firm had launched a new alliance as well, replacing Lithuania's Dominas Law Firm and Latvia's Kronbergs Cukste with the Primus offices in those two countries.  

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