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Cor' blimey, look what time it is, Guvnor! The special issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine — focusing on the work English law firms and English lawyers are doing in CEE, as well as the presence and significance of English law in the region — is out now. So quit your whinging, put away your umbrella, take off your wellies, and pour yourself a cuppa. Settle in — it'll be brilliant!

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, it is with deep regret that CEE Legal Matters is canceling the 2020 Dealer’s Choice International Law Firm Summit and the 2020 Deal of the Year Awards Banquet, both of which were scheduled for London on October 13, 2020.

It's a crazy world. The global pandemic is taking the form of a whack-a-mole game, with numbers decreasing in some places, only to jump back up in others. School is starting, but perhaps the word should be in quotation marks. Travel is limited. Business is ongoing. Weather is cooling. Fortunately, in this tumultuous world, one thing is dependable. So relax: The new issue of CEE Legal Matters is here.

After a week of counting down, only two deals remain in contention for the 2019 CEE Deal of the Year. And, in an extremely close contest, the Steinhoff Group's Financial Restructuring, which received 9 votes from this year's Final Selection Committee, falls an agonizing one vote short of the 10 received by Advent International and Zentiva’s Acquisition of Alvogen’s CEE Business, meaning the Advent-Zentiva/Alvogen deal is CEE Legal Matters' 2019 CEE Deal of the Year.

Each day this week CEE Legal Matters will be counting down towards Friday's revelation of the 2019 CEE Deal of the Year winner, but today, before we start revealing which deals were voted off the island, we have the singular pleasure of announcing the finalists: Those five deals that received the greatest number of votes from the Final Selection Committee.

With COVID-19 still on the prowl for victims like the titular focus of a gothic horror story, CEE Legal Matters will change the prevailing narrative next week by announcing the winner of the 2019 CEE Deal of the Year Award.

We're distancing ourselves from many things these days. Friends. Colleagues. Clients. But for our subscribers, at least, one thing is coming right towards them, with the specific intention of defeating their attempts to stay away: Yes, the July 2020 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine is on its way!

Confusing as it normally is, the fact that excited cries of "May Day! May Day!" can be interpreted, alternatively, as panicked calls for help, celebrations of spring, or demands for labor rights, today seems strangely appropriate. But fear not — a balm for frayed nerves has arrived in the form of the Special May 2020 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine, focused extensively on the 2019 CEE Deal of the Year Award Winners, which is out today!

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