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We're distancing ourselves from many things these days. Friends. Colleagues. Clients. But for our subscribers, at least, one thing is coming right towards them, with the specific intention of defeating their attempts to stay away: Yes, the July 2020 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine is on its way!

Confusing as it normally is, the fact that excited cries of "May Day! May Day!" can be interpreted, alternatively, as panicked calls for help, celebrations of spring, or demands for labor rights, today seems strangely appropriate. But fear not — a balm for frayed nerves has arrived in the form of the Special May 2020 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine, focused extensively on the 2019 CEE Deal of the Year Award Winners, which is out today!

If one item of good news is welcome in these dark times, two items are especially so. Thus, CEE Legal Matters is proud to announce both that the Deal of the Year Awards Banquet and Dealer's Choice International Law Firm Summit, originally scheduled for London on April 23, 2020, have now been rescheduled for October 13, 2020, and that CEELM has moved the date that the CEE Deal of the Year Award winners will be announced up from April 24 to April 1, 2020.

Consistent with our mission to keep lawyers and the greater business community informed of legal developments in the 24 countries of CEE, and cognizant of the dramatic spread of the Covid-19 virus across Europe in recent weeks, CEE Legal Matters is pleased to present the CEELM Covid-19 Comparative Legal Guide: Contracts.

All the 2019 Deal of the Year Submissions have been received, organized, placed on ballots, and sent out to various panels across CEE, and the full list of all submissions will appear in — and only in — the February 2020 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine, available only by subscription.

As 2019 draws to a close, we provide a look back at the most popular stories — based on the number of clicks and views — that appeared on the CEE Legal Matters website over the past 365 days.