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We're on the final stretch in terms of preparations for the Dealer's Choice International Law Firm Summit full-day conference and the Deal of the Year Awards Banquet – and we're over the moon to bring together under the same roof national champions from across CEE jurisdictions with top tier London-based law firms, in person, after a two-year hiatus!

If you, like us, would really like to give the world a do-over and tell it to “Try harder!”, the March issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine is here to help you do just that. It comes from a simpler time when we could reasonably concern ourselves with legal updates, transactional wins, and Partner promotions. Out now!

You can’t say the year is over without doing its comprehensive review. And our February special issue does just that: a review of the most active firms and partners in each country, a full list of all the deals submitted for consideration for the 2021 DOTY awards, and our very own Valkyrie Brunhilde: the 2021 Table of Deals, a 70-page summary of over 2,000 client matters reported across CEE. The CEELM Index 2021 is now out!

All 2021 CEE Deals of the Year Submissions have been received, organized, placed on ballots, and sent out to various panels across CEE, and the full list of all submissions will appear in — and only in — the February 2022 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine, available by subscription only.

Season’s greetings, everyone! No, we did not get our dates mixed up. We know it’s not yet Christmas, and we also know it’s not quite the first Tuesday in December. But we felt you’ve all been extra nice this year, so we took the time to wrap an early gift: The December issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine is now out!

92 days of collecting data on 1,164 offices, 1,981 emails exchanged trying to confirm data – all culminating with 8 days of intense data crunching while burning through 17 cans of energy drinks to complement the countless cups of coffee. You guessed it, the new CEE by the Numbers 2021 special issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine is now published!

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