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Cooler And Cooler: September Issue is Here!

Cooler And Cooler : September Issue is Here!

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If our publication of the August issue of the CEE Legal Matters made a hot month hotter, the news that we have published the almost-impossibly hip September issue of the magazine will make a cool month even cooler. So be it. The tremendous September 2018 issue is already bringing a soothing breath of fresh air to our printer’s offices, and hard copies will soon by sliding their way to to our valued subscribers. 

In the meantime, those subscribers who are unable to wait for those hard copies can access electronically on the CEE Legal Matters website (here). As for the rest of you … I’m afraid you’ll have to wait for room temperature to set in in late November. 

As subscribers will discover, the issue contains:

  • Guest Editorial by Gjorgji Georgievski, Managing Partner, ODI Law Macedonia
  • Across the Wire: The Summary of Deals in CEE
  • The Buzz Across CEE 
  • Summary of Lateral Moves and Appointments Across the Region 
  • Special Article: Readiness is All: Schoenherr Romania Helps Companies Comply with Competition Authority Guidelines
  • Marketing Law Firm Marketing: The Biggest Difference
  • Inside Insight with Maxim Nikitin, Chief Legal Officer of Atol Group i Russia
  • Special Article: Chasing Czech Traces in Foreign Places: JSK Partner Roman Kramarik Makes Solo Flight Around the Globe
  • Market Spotlight on Poland
  • Guest Editorial by Jerzy Baehr, Managing Partner, Wiercinski, Kwiecinski, Baehr
  • Special Article: Saving the Snitch: Protecting Whistle-Blowers in Poland
  • Expat on the Market: Interview with Andrew Kozlowski of CMS
  • Market Snapshots
  • Inside Out: The Polish Development Fund's Acquisition of PESA Bydgoszcs
  • Experts Review: Competition

The publication of the September 2018 issue of the magazine means that the special July 2018 issue, focusing on the 2018 GC Summit, 2018 Dealer’s Choice Conference, and 2018 Deal of the Year Awards Banquet, has been moved from behind the paywall and is now freely available to everyone (available here in e-reader format and here in pdf). 

If you would like to demonstrate your own coolness by signing up for a subscription to the CEE Legal Matters magazine yourself, you may do so here.

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