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CEELM Issue 1 Now Freely Available

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Subscribers to the CEE Legal Matters magazine get exclusive access for two months to the magazine's content -- and other premium articles and features -- on the CEE Legal Matters website.

Unveiling Issue 1
Unveiling Issue 1

Every two months, however, when the next issue of the magazine is published (stay tuned, the launch of Issue 2 will take place tomorrow!), that earlier content is moved over to the free part of the website for non-subscribers. That day, for the content from the first issue of the magazine, has come. Now non-subscribers too are able to access the unique perspectives and informed analysis that permeate every issue of the magazine. Click here to see the first issue of CEE Legal Matters in electronic format.

The following features and articles from the first issue are now accessible on the CEE Legal Matters website as well. For individual articles you can click on any of the titles below:

  • Market Spotlight: In-depth analysis of the Turkish legal market, along with a special guest editorial, interviews with Turkish General Counsel, and more:
    • Guest Editorial: Turkey Looks Back on a Decade of Remarkable Growth
    • Interview with Murat Vanlioglu, Head of Legal for Shell Companies in Turkey
    • Interview with Cigdem Dayan, the Chief Legal Counsel at ING Bank Turkey
  • Special articles on the effect of the protests in Ukraine on M&A in the country (originally written and published before even more dramatic events in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine), on two American law firms launching expanded CEE practices, and more:
    • Familiar Faces in New Places
    • Looking Through The Crystal Ball: Ukrainian M&A Partners Consider the Effects of the Country’s Ongoing Crisis
    • Room for More ILFs in CEE: A General Counsel Perspective
    • Explosive Growth in the Turkish Legal Market is Causing Some Serious Problems
  • Experts Review: Analysis of Intellectual Property developments across CEE, written by leading experts in IP from each market
  • Top Sites: A review and analysis of law firm websites across CEE
  • A special introduction by Ron Given, Partner at Wolf Theiss

And much, much more

Feedback to the first issue was overwhelmingly positive, and now you can see why so many readers subscribe to the magazine. Don't fall two months behind the competition. Subscribe today.