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The First Issue Is Out: Get The Full Picture

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We’re excited to announce the launch of the premiere issue of CEE Legal Matters. With this, we move closer to fulfilling our mission of providing in-depth coverage of the news and newsmakers that shape Europe’s emerging legal markets.  


"CEE Legal Matters Magazine - Year 1, Issue 1"

Regular visitors know that the CEE Legal Matters website provides daily updates on deals, transactions, promotions, hires, and dispute outcomes from across Central and Eastern Europe. But successful, ambitious lawyers need more than just news to stay ahead. They need analysis, perspective, background, and context. They need to hear from colleagues and counterparts, learn about best practices and alternatives, and consider common problems and innovative solutions. In other words, visitors settling for the daily news updates ... are only getting half the picture.

And at CEE Legal Matters, we're committed to providing the full picture. The first issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine -- full of opinion, analysis, and informed perspective -- is printed and on its way to subscribers even now. In addition, starting today, subscribers can access premium content on the CEE Legal Matters website -- including interviews with experts, and, starting from Monday a new feature -- the Frame -- providing regularly updated information about legislative, judicial, and business developments of note across CEE. And on Monday, February 24th, subscribers unable to wait for their copy of CEE Legal Matters to arrive in the mail will be able to access the magazine's content on the website as well.

Get the full picture. Subscribe today.

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