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The Perfect Excuse for Social Distancing: New Issue of CEE Legal Matters Magazine is Here!

The Perfect Excuse for Social Distancing: New Issue of CEE Legal Matters Magazine is Here!

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Once a month, like clockwork, a good reason to spend time by yourself, away from other people, appears. And that time has come again: The new issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine is here!

The March 2021 issue is out now, in electronic form (here), with hard copies of the magazine already on their way to subscribers around the world. However readers experience the issue, they will find:

  • Editorial by Stevan Dimitrijevic of Dimitrijevic & Partners
  • Across the Wire: Deals and Cases in CEE
  • Featured Deals
  • On the Move: New Firms and Practices
  • The Buzz in CEE
  • The Future of Finance in CEE: How 2020 Changed the Market and What to Expect in 2021
  • One Year In: Danilescu Hulub & Partners on the Roads to Success
  • Market Spotlight: Slovakia
  • Guest Editorial by Stepan Starha of Havel & Partners
  • Inside Out:  E.ON Acquisition of Stake in Vychodoslovenska Energetika Holding
  • Inside Insight: Interview with Jaroslav Krupec, Country Legal Director at Veolia Slovakia
  • Market Spotlight: Hungary
  • Guest Editorial by Agnes Szent-Ivany of Eversheds Sutherland
  • Inside Insight: Interview with Irisz Szel, Legal Director of CEU
  • Preparing for Change: Oliver Koppany and Csaba Rusznak Step in at KNP
  • Expat on the Market: Ted Boone of Dentons
  • Experts Review: Real Estate & Environmental

The publication of the issue means that the January 2021 issue has been moved from behind the paywall and is now available to subscribers and non-subscribers alike (here in e-reader format and here in pdf). As a reminder, that issue includes:

So take off your mask, go into a private space, close the door, wipe your hands down with sanitizer, and enjoy this amazing issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine. And if you can't, because for some reason you haven't yet subscribed, fix that, and purchase a subscription to the CEE Legal Matters magazine today!

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