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"It's Time" Says the Gnome – Our Second Christmas Poem

"It's Time" Says the Gnome -- Our Second Christmas Poem

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This year, more than most, we gather to rejoice 

(Because, with this crisis, we have little choice

Whether in Tallinn, Tashkent, Moscow, or Rome

We’re all celebrating the season at home)


But remember, that smell in the air

Is happiness and hope, not fear and despair

While the days in the year shrink, as a funnel

There’s clearly light at the end of this tunnel


So let’s celebrate in style, friends one and all

We’ll spread the word, send out the call

We use words 'cause we're writers — not mimes

And we welcome the most challenging rhymes


Indeed, in our region, cheer is endemic

It remains strong, despite this pandemic

And while we all wish more clients would hire us

We won’t surrender to this stupid virus

Indeed, say o-for-a Rodu and Dovid

Shout “begone!, you most hated Covid!


As Yoda would say, "laughter the way is"

We’ll enjoy these most special days

(And take a moment to remember

Those less fortunate this December

Extend a hand, buy a meal

Keep in mind, fate’s spinning wheel)


And speaking of focus and fates

Please please remember key CEELM dates.

London Conference! Deadlines for submission!

For your knowledge, we are most fondly wishin'!


But put that off for another time, prob’ly best

Instead, let’s concentrate on this annual fest

And though, this year, forced metaphor

Let’s throw up the window, and open the door


Choose beverage: eggnog, Jäger or beer

Shout "Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!

2020 is over — this challenge is done!"

We eagerly yell, "Come ’21!"

And though Lewis Carroll might call us Mad Hatters, 

"Happy Holidays from CEE Legal Matters!"

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