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Entrepreneurs in difficulty, who are struggling with the performance of a contract, may benefit from a restructuring procedure. Any restructuring procedure guarantees the protection of executed contracts, with the most effective solution being the reorganization procedure (postępowanie sanacyjne).

Extraordinary circumstances, such as the Covid-19 pandemic or the war in Ukraine, and all that goes with them, including high inflation, which manifests itself in skyrocketing prices for raw materials, other supplies, energy, and labor, prevent contracts from being performed on schedule. Price indexation can effectively restore economic equilibrium for parties to public procurement contracts.

Recently local authorities have been hit by rising electricity costs. No-one’s surprised nowadays when electricity purchase prices rise by several hundred percent or when tenders are repeatedly cancelled. As a result, local authorities often decide to take radical steps - temporary closures of public facilities, limited street lighting or turning off the illumination of buildings have become standard in some towns and cities. There’s no doubt that a major part of the electricity purchased by local government goes on street lighting systems, which are often inefficient in terms of energy consumption. In many cases, it might be a good idea to have a look at using public-private partnerships as a way to upgrade street lighting systems and cut electricity requirements. It is also worth taking note that developing this model for implementing public tasks in the street lighting sector is explicitly included in the strategic document Polish Energy Policy until 2040 issued by the Ministry of Climate and Environment and setting the framework for the energy transition in Poland.

Triniti Jurex has announced the appointment of Karolina Laurynaite and Evaldas Pocevicius as Partners, while Gintare Ivanauskaite and Akvile Buzinskaite have been appointed as Associate Partners at the firm.

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