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CEELM Top 10: Most-Read Interviews

CEELM Top 10: Most-Read Interviews

Issue 10.7
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The CEELM Top 10 series looks back over the past ten years and celebrates the milestones we have achieved together. The list below highlights the most-read interviews, with a short description of each.

1. CMS Poland’s Man with Two Hats: Interview with Partner Andrzej Posniak About His Unique Dual Role (February 22, 2018, Hits: 55,488)

Andrzej Posniak talked about his career path in law, starting at CMS in 2003 as a corporate trainee and step by step, becoming a Partner, as well as the General Counsel and Risk Manager for the firm in Poland.

2. Inside Insight: Interview with Helena Kokot of Zagreb International Airport (August 1, 2018, Hits: 54,770)

Helena Kokot – at the time the Director of the Legal Affairs Department at the Zagreb International Airport – discussed her choice of profession, her transition from a law firm to working in-house, as well as the challenges of working in the legal department of an international airport. 

3. Inside Insight: Interview with Linda Szegvari, Chief Legal Counsel of MET Hungary (March 9, 2018, Hits: 54,287)

MET Hungary Chief Legal Counsel Linda Szegvari discussed her career and the changes in the Hungarian market since she began practicing law. She also highlighted the challenges she has faced as a woman in a leading position and the importance of possessing legal and personal skills, when representing a company like MET Hungary.

4. Inside Insight: Interview with Jovan Velkovski, GC of JAT Tehnika (April 27, 2018, Hits: 53,928)

Jovan Velkovski – the former Head of Legal at JAT (Yugoslav Airlines) Tehnika and a Senior Legal Advisor at Privredna Banka Beograd – delved into his career trajectory, the progression from entry-level roles to more senior positions and notable milestones along the way, as well as the differences between his experience of working in-house in the aviation and banking sectors.

5. Inside Insight: Interview with Miljan Malovic of Banca Intesa (August 30, 2018, Hits: 53,167)

Banca Intesa Belgrade Head of the Business Legal Advisory Office Miljan Malovic talked about his motivation to join Banca Intesa in 2006 and to stay in the banking sector generally, his decision to work in-house instead of private practice, and his impressions on Serbian legislation in the banking sector.

6. Real Talk on Real Estate in Hungary: Interview with Laszlo Krupl, Attorney at Law and Head of the Real Estate Practice in Hungary at Schoenherr (October 2, 2020, Hits: 52,870)

Laszlo Krupl discussed the status of the Hungarian Real Estate Market in a COVID-19 world, and the measures put in place during the different waves of the pandemic.

7. Zieba & Partners: A New Plan in Poland (March 14, 2019, Hits: 52,857)

Zieba & Partners founders Rafal Zieba, Adam Piwakowski, and Przemyslaw Kordel discussed the split of Kochanski Zieba & Partners into two new firms – Zieba & Partners and Kochanski & Partners – and talked about their new firm’s plans.

8. Hot Practice: Andras Nemescsoi on DLA Piper Hungary’s Litigation and Regulatory Practice (September 22, 2020, Hits: 52,678)

Andras Nemescsoi talked about DLA Piper Hungary’s busiest practice in 2020 – the litigation and regulatory team – and the ways in which COVID-19-generated legal uncertainty and a set of opportunities arising from a relaxation on state-aid rules fuel the workload.

9. Turkey’s Focus on Renewables (February 27, 2018, Hits: 52,000)

Schoenherr Partner Levent Celepci explored Turkey’s commitment to developments in the renewables sector, its regulatory framework, as well as ongoing and planned projects.

10. Octavian Popescu Talks About Setting Up Popescu & Asociatii (May 22, 2019, Hits: 51,947)

Octavian Popescu discussed his decision to leave Musat & Asociatii to set up Popescu & Asociatii and his plans for the new firm.

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