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OTC Derivatives Collateral & EMIR Masterclass 3.0

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OTC Derivatives Collateral & EMIR Masterclass 3.0, 21 – 22 March 2019, Vienna, Austria

Since the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, OTC Derivatives have been subject to momentous changes in their regulation, affecting all firms that indulge in these financial products. However, for many people working within the financial services industry OTC Derivatives remain a complex mystery and a real challenge to understand.

Derivatives are nowadays a global phenomenon; many types of derivative product have been introduced to mitigate risks of investors and other institutions such as banks. For those that are not involved in such products on a day-by-day basis, understanding of the purpose of each product type is not easy to ascertain, thereby making the understanding of associated operational actions (e.g. trade processing and collateral management) challenging to comprehend.  For each product, its purpose and possible outcomes must be well understood by operations and other personnel within financial institutions to provide top quality servicing of clients and to avoid processing losses. Therefore, it is essential that those financial specialists involved in derivative processing and associated collateral management, understand the overall picture to identify risk situations as early as possible in the transaction life cycle.

Course Style

Delegates will find this event to be fast-paced and highly interactive, with the course director at all times encouraging the delegates to ask questions and to seek clarification of concepts. In order to maximise the learning opportunity, delegates are encouraged to actively participate throughout the course. Delegates can expect to undertake multiple exercises and simulations (working either individually or as part of a small ‘firm’), enabling the delegates to prove their understanding of the many concepts covered.

By the end of the MasterClass, the participants will:

  • Be aware of the fundamental purpose and structure of derivative products
  • Understand the similarities/differences between exchange traded derivatives and OTC derivatives
  • Recognize the processing life cycle of a range of derivative products
  • Understand what causes exposures in OTC Derivative trades and the purpose of collateral
  • Appreciate the role of legal documentation and associated collateral management
  • Comprehend the reasons for and detail of the EMIR regulation
  • Understand the treatment of both centrally cleared and non centrally cleared trades
  • Appreciate the many practical difficulties, challenges and risks.

For more information: https://glceurope.com/otc-derivatives-collateral-emir-masterclass-3-details/?utm_source=ceelegalmatters&utm_medium=media_partner&utm_campaign=OTCMC3 

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