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Serbia: It’s Time to Harmonize Your Business Seat Address with Prescribed Elements!

Serbia: It’s Time to Harmonize Your Business Seat Address with Prescribed Elements!

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The latest amendments to the Companies Act (“Act“) from 2021 specify the mandatory elements of the headquarters of each enterprise. Each registered office address must contain information related to the city, municipality, street or square, house number, floor, and apartment number.

This way, enterprises are obliged to harmonize the address of the headquarters with the Act. The deadline for the harmonization above is November 27, 2022. As businesses must register their headquarters address with the Serbian Business Registers Agency (“Agency“), they should synchronize this data in the appropriate register to include any missing data. The deadline for the Agency to decide on the registration application is five working days from the date of receipt, so one should start preparing all the necessary documentation on time.

In the case of a registered business, it should file for a change of address data if, for example, information about the floor or the apartment number is missing from the registered address. On the other hand, if you are looking to register an entity, you must provide the Agency with information on all mandatory elements of the headquarters’ address at the time of the registration.

If some of the elements do not exist, no worries. In this case, you must register only the existing data. For example, if your company is based in a family house with no floors/apartments, one would register the city, municipality, street, or square and house number.

This obligation is for all companies, entrepreneurs, and branch/representative offices based in Serbia.

By Ognjen Colic, Partner, Gecic Law

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