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Kicking Off 2018 Right: Special January Issue of CEELM is Out Now

Kicking Off 2018 Right: Special January Issue of CEELM is Out Now


The Special January 2018 issue of the CEE Legal Matters magazine is now available to subscribers in electronic format, with hard copies already in the mail and soon to land on the desks of law firm partners and senior in-house counsel across Europe and the world.

This year’s special Beginning of the Year issue includes:

  • Editorial: One of Our Better Ideas
  • Our annual — and bigger than ever — compilation of all reported (and many unreported) deals and completed client matters from major leading law firms across the 24 countries of CEE
  • Extended reports on the state of CEE from Avellum Partners, Baker McKenzie, CMS, DLA Piper, Drakopoulos, Freshfields, Maravela si Asociatii, PRK Partners, ad Schoenherr
  • Per Aspera Ad Astra: A CEE Timeline
  • A full transcript of the Round Table conversation that formed the centerpiece of the 4th annual CEELM End of Year Expert Summit, attended by elite commercial lawyers from across the region. 

The publication of the January 2018 issue means that the November 2017 issue is now available to non-subscribers in electronic format here or pdf format here. As subscribers already know, highlights from that issue include:

  • Editorial: More Bang for Your Buck
  • Guest Editorial by Vladimir Zenin, Partner of CMS Russia
  • The Summary of Deals 
  • The Buzz Across CEE 
  • Summary of Lateral Moves and Appointments Across the Region 
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina Round Table: A Complicated Situation
  • Take the Stage: Pros and Cons of Collaboration with the Big Four
  • Marketing Law Firm Marketing: Your Last Job
  • Market Spotlight on Romania
  • Guest Editorial by Gheorghe Buta, Partner, Musat & Asociatii
  • Not Convinced: Romania’s Lawyers Worry That Economic Indicators Paint a Misleading Picture
  • Expat on the Market: Interview with Bruno Leroy, Managing Partner at Leroy si Asociatii
  • Experts Review: Tax 

If you are not already a subscriber and would like to register to access the magazine you can do so here

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