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Editorial: Two Worlds, two Events, One Issue

Editorial: Two Worlds, two Events, One Issue

Legal Markets

The first two special issues of the CEE Legal Matters magazine this year – the annual Looking Back/Looking Forward issue in January and the CEE Corporate Counsel Handbook in April – were familiar to our readers. This one, however, dedicated to the 2017 CEE GC Summit and the CEE Legal Matters Market Makers Awards, is new.

The two special events share space in this one special issue because they were hosted by the same people (CEE Legal Matters), took place at essentially the same time (May 31 – June 2, 2017) and in the same place (Warsaw), and were organized for a similar audience: The prominent, successful, and well-known General Counsel and senior private practitioners in CEE. 

The CEE GC Summit, as our readers by now should know, consists of a gathering of CLOs from across and outside the region. Now in its third year, the Summit provides an annual forum for General Counsel/Heads of Legal to describe the challenges they face and report on the best practices they have developed to meet them. 

The Market Makers awards honored those private practitioners credited by their peers as having contributed the most to the development of the modern legal services market in their countries. We were particularly honored and excited to have many of them agree to join us for an exclusive Round Table to exchange “war stories” from the old days – a conversation that was both fascinating and insightful.

We hope you will enjoy reading about both of these events as much as we did organizing and hosting them – the energy surrounding both events was infectious, and we’re still buzzing, looking forward to future gatherings. We’re sure you’ll catch the virus as well, once you read this issue. And if you didn’t join us for the festivities this year, don’t feel too bad. We’re already planning next year’s party in Prague. 

This Article was originally published in Issue 4.7 of the CEE Legal Matters Magazine. If you would like to receive a hard copy of the magazine, you can subscribe here.

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