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Former Ruzicka Csekes Lawyer Joins Konecna & Zacha as Partner

Former Ruzicka Csekes Lawyer Joins Konecna & Zacha as Partner


Konecna & Zacha has announced that former Ruzicka Csekes Managing Associate Michal Hulena joined the firm on April 1, 2017 as Partner and "leading attorney in the Bratislava office."

According to a statement released by Konecna & Zacha, Hulena "brings over 11 years of experience in M&A, banking, and real estate transactions." The firm reports that he "enhances the team of experience working on large-scale cross-border transactions, acquisition projects and financing, but also of practice with corporate matters and real estate law for regional and international clients with their investments in Slovakia. His excellence lies in combination of legal expertise, management skills, and emphasis not only on the legal aspects of his work."

According to that same statement, Radka Konecna said, about Hulena's joining the firm, that: "Through this acquisition, Konecna & Zacha gains a new partner with years of experience in a large international firm, what is beneficial not only for the Slovak branch office as well as for other branches in other jurisdictions of our practice. Michal is a recognized expert in the market and we are looking forward to our cooperation, which will be turned into beneficence of our clients."

Hulena added that: "It’s my pleasure to join the law firm Konecna & Zacha, I perceive the position of trust and I see a huge potential in the combination of our experiences. Together we face the challenge of ensuring development of Konecna & Zacha not only in Slovakia now."

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