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Two Promotions to Partner at Act BSWW

Two Promotions to Partner at Act BSWW


The partnership of act BSWW has expanded by two as a result of the promotions to junior partner of Iwona Kurylak and Lukasz Piekarski, who both specialize in capital markets and securities. 

“The corporate bond market in Poland has been growing steadily over the last few years thanks to relatively low interest rates," said act BSWW Partner Piotr Smoluch. "The debt market has also benefited from the stagnation on the share market. As a result of those two factors as well as deeper specialization and expansion of the client portfolio of our law firm, our team handling security-related issues is growing strong. The fact that Iwona Kurylak and Lukasz Piekarski have been made partners is the natural consequence of our growing share in the security market."

According to act BSWW, Iwona Kurylak "provides legal services with respect to issuance of securities, with particular emphasis on the issuance of secured bonds," and she "has comprehensive experience in mergers and acquisitions (i.e, preparation of NDA, supervision and performance of a due diligence analysis, preparation and negotiation of transaction structure, preparation and negotiation of transaction documents, including investment contracts, share purchase agreements or agreements for the sale of undertakings/their organized parts/assets, preparation of contracts related to a joint venture)." According to act BSWW, "Iwona also participates in legal services related to bankruptcy law and restructuring processes. She also provides day-to-day corporate assistance to commercial companies, including listed companies. Her practice extends to capital markets law, commercial law as well as bankruptcy and reorganization law."

Act BSWW reports that Lukasz Piekarski "deals with the broad area of commercial and criminal law, including criminal-economic cases," and that he "also possesses experience in civil and criminal litigation as well as advising on the issue of bonds."

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