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Former Estonian Ministry of Justice Secretary-General Joins Sorainen

Former Estonian Ministry of Justice Secretary-General Joins Sorainen


Sorainen has reported that Norman Aas, the former Estonian State Prosecutor-General and Secretary-General of the Estonian Ministry of Justice, has joined the firm to lead its white-collar crime investigation practice.  

According to Sorainen, "the aim of this practice area, covering all three Baltic States and Belarus, is to advise businesses that have become victims of white-collar crime or that are seeking to prevent potential violations. With white-collar crime becoming increasingly complex, especially in the light of several recent cases which have become public, it is vital to assure business owners that potential risks are reduced to a minimum and that the causes and extent of damage resulting from white-collar crime are properly ascertained."

The firm reports that, in his previous roles, "Aas was involved in or witnessed the handling of several complex  white-collar crime and corruption cases and is aware of the results of ignoring the potential risks or failing to react in due time in terms of the amount of damage incurred. “It is understandable that the state focuses mainly on proving the guilt of the perpetrator. Consequently, prevention of crime as well as establishing and claiming damages tends to rest with businesses and here our team can help them, relying on our substantial prior experience,” he said.

The firm believes that Aas's "extensive knowledge and experience will also help to strengthen Sorainen’s government relations and administrative law practice in the Baltics and Belarus, headed by Allar Joks."

Sorainen Partner Carri Ginter, who heads the firm's Dispute Resolution Team, welcomed Aas to Sorainen. “Several recent cases, including that of the Port of Tallinn, prove that high-level cooperation with investigative bodies is essential and lawyers can be of great help to entrepreneurs in this area," Gintner said. "Norman’s extensive experience is a unique resource, which we can now tap to help our clients succeed in business. The firm is currently working on several cases which relate to handling the consequences of illegal activity by former management board members."

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